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Lakoo Designs x Sympli

Feminine Charm, a 100% Canadian made capsule designed with women in mind, regardless of their age, body type or lifestyle. 

We have curated this easy breezy capsule to elevate your everyday, with relaxed, yet elegant Sympli styles paired with fun and joyful jewelry pieces of Lakoo Designs.


Big Disc Earrings  by Lakoo Designs

Icon Flop Top by Sympli


Double Gold Earrings  by Lakoo Designs

Go To Classic T-Shirt Relax by Sympli


At Lakoo and Sympli, we believe in finding beauty in everyday.  

We believe in honest fit, simplicity and versatility with a little edge.


Most importantly, we believe in you.

Learn More About Sympli

Sympli launched in 2001 when Jan Stimpson, Canadian founder, set out to create a style to inspire women of all ages and body types to be their most confident selves. She started with that ultimate symbol of go-anywhere freedom: the perfect white t-shirt.

Sympli creates versatile pieces that best express your unique personal style.

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